Oreganol Benefits

At present there are already countless studies and experiments being conducted in order to determine and discover the different oreganol benefits. This particular type of oil comes from the plant that is scientifically named as Origanum vulgare, which is also commonly known as wild oregano. Although this plant can be seen in many different countries around the world, wild oregano is known to be abundant in the hilltops of Portugal, Turkey, and Greece. Because of this, ancient Greeks were known to be the first people who were able to experience the different benefits from using oil of oregano.

According to some experts, people can gain a lot of things from the different health benefits of oreganol. These oreganol benefits include the treatment of various types of diseases and illnesses caused by fungi, bacteria, and parasites. In addition to this, the oil of oregano also contains two useful active ingredients, namely carvacrol and thymol. These two substances are very effective in fighting types of bacteria and parasites found in the body that lead to diseases.

How is the oregano oil processed?

This essential type of oil is processed by extracting it from the crushed leaves of the wild oregano plant. This is done by using the cold pressing process or method. This means that the extraction does not involve any type of heat, which allows the potent nutrients of the plant to be preserved. Because of this, taking in a dose of the oregano oil every day can definitely provide a lot of benefits to health.

Identifying the Different Oreganol Benefits

There are actually many benefits that people can get from using oregano oil. Some of these include its antioxidant effects on the body. The oil of oregano basically contains rosmarinic acid. This type of acid is classified as an antioxidant and an antihistamine. This can be very useful in lowering the body’s allergic reactions and preventing any type of free radical formation in the system.  Aside from this, oil of oregano also benefits from its high content of minerals. In fact, regular consumption of oregano oil can lead to the increase of essential minerals such as iron and manganese. With the increase of iron in the body, episodes of insomnia and other risks for cancer are significantly reduced or eliminated. The boost in manganese also helps in the improvement of metabolism and absorption of calcium in the body. This will help in the regulation of blood sugar in the blood.

Diseases and Illnesses Prevented by Oreganol

Aside from the amazing health benefits mentioned above, the intake of oreganol can also help in the prevention of many respiratory diseases and ailments. These include sinusitis, influenza, common coughs, and colds. Oil of oregano is also a great agent or remedy for food poisoning. It eliminates intestinal parasites and prevents other types of digestive problems. Oreganol is also very useful as an anti-inflammatory agent. Once the oil is taken internally, it can immediately perform as a pain reliever. This is very useful especially for people who are experiencing severe pain caused by arthritis, tendonitis, and other types of joint problems. This type of oil can also be used topically and provide instant relief for swelling and inflammation.

Other Remarkable Oreganol Benefits

Using the oil of oregano can also provide other minor benefits to the body. An example of this is the improvement of oral hygiene. Since oregano can treat or cure different types of infections, it is also very effective in curing infected gums and teeth. These are usually the main reasons why people experience bad breath. However, with the use of the oreganol, people are able to kill oral bacteria and prevent the formation of plaques. Usually, adding two drops of oreganol to the toothpaste is enough to eliminate most oral bacteria. These are just some of the common benefits of oregano oil.


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